Wednesday, February 6, 2008

GameStop withholding Devil May Cry 4?

Yesterday 2/5 was the release of the highly anticipated game Devil May Cry 4.

Many gamers have complained that GameStop informed them that it would not be sold until 2/6, a day after the standard Tuesday release.

Others received conflicting information from GameStop that DMC4 wouldn't be sold until 5pm, much later than the usual 12am.

Why would GameStop keep from selling a game on it's release day?

It seems that they are experimenting with "VIP" based availability. Customers who pre-ordered the game are allowed to buy it on release day, and "regular" customers have to wait.

Is this what Capcom had in mind when they announced the release date?

Did they know that GameStop would allow the "privilege" of buying it only to those who surrendered a deposit in advance?

Is this the end of "free market" consumerism?

What will happen next week with Lost Odyssey? Can we buy it on 2/12?

Is GameStop dictacting street dates to profit from pre-orders?

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